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Hi everyone I just wanted to share this truly touching post o  the Saturated Canary blog - by Krista Smith
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saturated canary digis 
saturated canary digis 
saturated canary digis 
Butterfly Babies.
Sounds pretty sweet and lovely.

Except it isn't. 

This week, my sister Jen left me a link on FB to a family whose infant son has Epidermolysis Bullosa.  I had never heard of the disease before.  I'm not sure that, if I sat for an entire day and tried to imagine the worse disease for a child, that I could have imagined this disease.  It is truly that upsetting.  You can read more about it here.  

I sat and read through the Butterfly Fund site, and felt sick to my stomach.  I just sobbed.  These children, so beautiful and precious, with skin as delicate as a butterfly's wings.  

I cannot imagine not being able to hug and squeeze and cuddle Niamh and Philly.  The mamas of butterfly babies cannot do this.  That breaks my heart.  It puts so much in perspective-- magnifies the gift of a hug before school and a kiss goodnight. 

Jen asked me to do something for the families.
I was excited that she asked me to help a cause she feels so passionately about.  And, after researching EB and spending a night crying all over my keyboard, I am more than happy to put it in front of my readers/customers and hopefully raise a little to help these children and families.  

"Butterfly Baby" will be available Thursday in my shop.  All proceeds from this digital stamp for the first week of sales will go to the Butterfly Fund charity.  I spent a lot of time drawing and re-drawing and then starting over again for this stamp:).  I wanted something ...

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