Thursday, 31 January 2013

No card today :-(

Hi everyone, I'm really sorry but I don't have a project to share with you tonight.

I appreciate each and every one of my lovely followers so I thought I owe you all a little explanation for the lack of action on my blog lately.

My little girl Lacey is currently suffering her 11th bout of tonsillitis in as many months!

The poor little thing suffers so badly that she ends up with a temperature of 40 and loses so much weight, however the doctor refuses to refer her for them removing due to her being asthmatic!

On top of all that we had a flood in the house on Monday, the top floor toilet waste pipe must have been leaking for some time and on Monday it brought the ceiling in my built in wardrobe down hence everything in their stunk to high heaven!

The plumbing is now sorted but we have quite a bit of decorating to do.

I finally thought I was getting straight last night until my hubby woke me up at 12 am being rather ill in the bathroom, quickly followed by Lacey being sick in her bed..... I have been up all night with them both being sick the whole night!

I'm so tired, my DT work has now fallen behind too!

I will get back on top eventually so please bare with me!

I miss you all and as soon as I have time I promise to come visiting again!

Until then, love and hugs xx Cara xx


  1. My goodness, you certainly have had more than your share! Hope everything straightens out quickly and you can get back to normal. I've had those times, so you have all my sympathy.

  2. Oh sweetie, sounds really rough right now. Poor little Lacey. :( Keep your spirits up hun, and take care of the family - that is what is important. *hugs hugs*

  3. Wow everything is happening and yucky with the bathroom incident and you poor little one.. My son was sick when he was little with that its horrible.. On top of it all you have 2 more sick as well.. Sending you lots of (((hugs))) Take lots of vitamins and take care of yourself with 5 mins a nice cuppa at some point just so you can be there for them and not get sick yourself.
    Sandy :)